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Former Playboy playmate settles claim with politician

A wrongful termination lawsuit can involve all types of workplaces and employees. The former Playmate of the Month for May 1986 settled civil litigation against an Orange County Supervisor for $150,000 last month.

She filed the lawsuit against Orange County in the California Superior Court in March. Her allegations include that she had to endure an extremely stressful workplace because of the supervisor's unrealistic demands. She also charged disability discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

The Hague Convention: How it helps victims of child abduction

Intercultural marriages and intercultural relationships can be a beautiful thing. Indeed, the international language of love knows no boundaries. However, when two people cross cultural gaps to come together in love, things don't always last forever.

Intercultural breakups can be particularly difficult when two people share a child together. In some cases, the differences in the way one person's culture views child custody could result in the foreign parent feeling morally entitled to abscond with the child back to his or her country. It's in these cases where the Hague Convention comes into play.

Six-year corruption case settled

Seeking justice for fraud and corruption are not limited to criminal actions in California. These matters may be resolved through civil litigation in state courts.

Insomniac, which is a promoter of Rave, and its chief executive officer recently agreed to enter a settlement resolving a civil lawsuit filed by the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission in the Los Angeles Superior Court. It will pay $3.5 million to this agency.

Facebook sued for age discrimination

A 52-year-old former Facebook employee commenced civil litigation with the social media platform over the termination of his job two years ago allegedly because of his age and the company's intent to replace him with a younger worker at lower pay. The suit, filed in September in the Los Angeles Superior Court, also charges that Facebook engaged in wrongful termination, disability discrimination, retaliation and that the company intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages. He claimed that another company, subsequently acquired by Facebook, hired him in 2007. He suffers from seizures, clinical depression, anxiety disorder and lower cognitive abilities because of a physical disability.

Planning a prenup

Engaged couples in California can avoid some dispute, if they ever divorce, by entering prenuptial agreements. While negotiating these agreements is not the most romantic part of an engagement, proper planning can help couples learn about their finances and lower the chances of conflict.

Disclosing assets and liabilities is important. Couples should gather records on stocks and bonds, annuities, bank statements, retirement accounts, tax returns for a few years, recent pay stubs and appraisals of costly property such as a house, car or boat. This information will help with the preparation of a schedule of assets that should be appended to the prenuptial agreement.

Reverse mortgages lead to foreclosure for some seniors

For senior citizens in California who are facing financial struggles, a "reverse mortgage" may seem to be just the thing to help them out monetarily. A reverse mortgage is a federally insured loan in which homeowners can borrow money using the equity in their home. However, some senior citizens who took out a reverse mortgage are now finding themselves facing the possibility that their home will be foreclosed upon.

This is because, even if the homeowner can get a deferment on paying back the loan, they still must pay taxes and insurance, which could prove to be difficult if not impossible. In addition, the requirements of a reverse mortgage loan can be complex and difficult to meet.

Be clear about these health care issues in your parenting plan

Every California parent needs to ensure that his or her child has appropriate health coverage. This way, in the event of a health problem, the child can receive the medical care he or she requires to heal. For this reason, you will want to address several important points related to health care in your parenting plan.

Through the use of "parenting provisions" -- specific language inserted into a parenting plan and child custody agreement -- parents can get clear about how they will manage the health care concerns of their children.

Former Wells Fargo employees file wrongful termination suit

Many people in Los Angeles may be aware of the scandal regarding unethical sales practices surrounding the financial institution Wells Fargo, and some Wells Fargo account holders may even have been personally affected by it. Certain employees of Wells Fargo were reportedly aware of the company's sham account scheme, but they say when they tried to notify their superiors so the issue could be addressed, they were wrongfully terminated.

Two Wells Fargo employees, a married couple who were regional presidents of a number of the financial institution's branches in California, were fired back in March. Their termination took place just weeks following the firing of other high-ranking employees with regards to the financial institution's sham account scheme. The married couple knew of the scheme and tried to report it, but they were quietly let go anyways. They claim they were scapegoats.

California attorneys can dispel common divorce myths

It is not so unusual for couples in California these days to seek a divorce, or to know someone who has done so. After all, the stigma surrounding divorce is eroding and many are seeing it as a better option than staying in an unhappy marriage. That being said, there are some myths surrounding divorce that deserve to be addressed.

First, even if a couple has already reached an agreement on their divorce issues, they must wait a minimum of six months following the date they filed for a divorce before their divorce can be finalized. This can actually be a good thing. While no one wants to see divorce proceedings drag on, the decisions made during the divorce process will affect the couple's future for years. Therefore, it is important not to rush into these decisions.

Nevada company facing lawsuit over school construction project

The first day of school is upon us, and many students in Nevada and nationwide will be going to schools that underwent construction over the summer holiday. Sometimes this involved updating old facilities, adding on an addition to an existing building or constructing a whole new facility entirely. Unfortunately, one Nevada company involved in a school construction project is facing a lawsuit alleging breach of contract.

A Nevada company is facing litigation, after being accused of breach of contract. Fast Wrap Reno One LLC, a Nevada company, is being sued in San Francisco County Superior Court upon allegations that it did not perform the labor and services it agreed to per its contract with Alten Construction Inc., the plaintiff in this case.