Defending Your Future After Criminal Allegations

The consequences of criminal charges are not limited to the threat of jail time and/or fines. The outcome of your criminal case could impact your plans for higher education, employment prospects, affordable housing and your reputation in the community.

The Mohajer Law Firm, APC regularly represents clients in the greater Los Angeles area facing common but difficult criminal charges. This includes charges related to drunk driving and drugged driving (DUI/DWI).

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California's legalization of medical marijuana has helped decriminalize certain uses of the drug. But it has also blurred the lines between legal and illegal possession and use. We assist clients facing drug charges, including illicit drugs, marijuana and prescription drug violations.

Our firm may also be able to help you clear your record and restore your good name after a criminal conviction. Once your sentence has been served, it may be possible to remove a past conviction from your record through the legal process of expungement. Doing so could make it much easier to pass criminal background checks for things like employment and housing.

Free And Confidential Initial Consultations

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