When A Court Order Needs To Be Modified

Leaving the courtroom at the conclusion of a divorce or child custody case, you may have a sense of finality about the decree or court order you carry away with you. However, life can be unpredictable. When either party experiences a significant change in circumstances, there may be cause to bring the family law order before a judge again.

It may be appropriate to request a modification of a divorce decree or a child custody and support order when:

  • Hidden assets have been discovered after property division was decided in a divorce
  • A former spouse receiving spousal support remarries or enters a domestic partnership
  • A custodial parent needs to move out of town
  • A noncustodial parent contests a proposed move-away
  • A custodial parent has become unfit for parenting
  • Job responsibilities have changed significantly — such as when a military parent is deployed or work schedules of a pilot, flight attendant or emergency room doctor vary greatly
  • Either parent has had a significant increase or decrease in income or expenses
  • A special situation involving a child — such as an injury, illness or disability — means more child support is needed than when the child support order was formalized

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