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Yes, men are victims of domestic violence, too

As a man who is leaving a relationship with children, you want to make sure you protect yourself. In your relationship, you struggled with physical and psychological abuse. You were constantly told you were stupid, ignorant and worthless. Your spouse would attack you without warning.

This is the last thing you want for your children, but how can you approach such a sensitive topic? You know you're not the likeliest victim, but will the courts understand?

Tips to help college students avoid drinking to excess

Whether your son or daughter started college this fall, is living in a fraternity or sorority this year or turned 21 over the summer, you're likely nervous about how much drinking they'll be doing at school.

Young people aren't masters of moderation. They might intend to have just a drink or two at a party. However, with some peer pressure, that can turn into a night of binge drinking. That's not healthy under any circumstances. However, if your child gets behind the wheel, they're endangering their life and those of others on the road. Even if no one gets hurt, if they're arrested for drunk driving, they could be risking their college education and future career prospects.

Military members need proper child custody plans

People who are in the military often worry about what is going to happen if they have children. There are many misconceptions about people in the service and child custody. Most often, people assume that those who are serving can't have custody of their children. This isn't the case. You can remain in the military and have your children with you as long as you plan carefully.

Regardless of your service status, the court has to believe that having the children with you is in their best interests. The branch you are in will ask that you complete a family care plan, which is called a family care certification in some cases. Here are some points to remember about this plan:

Is collaborative divorce the right choice for you?

Not all divorces end up in a courtroom with bickering spouses and attorneys pleading their cases in front of judges. In fact, many couples are able to avoid the time, money and stress involved in litigated divorces. They work together to amicably negotiate the end of their marriages with the guidance of their attorneys. This is often referred to as "collaborative divorce."

When divorcing couples have children, collaborative divorce can be particularly valuable. It allows co-parents to work together to craft a parenting plan that puts the best interests of their children at the forefront.

Should you seek an expungement for your DUI?

A few years back you made a mistake. You drove after a few drinks. You got pulled over by police and failed the Breathalyzer test. Ultimately, you pleaded guilty to a DUI. You paid a fine, went to the required classes and maybe served a couple of days in jail. Finally, you completed your probation.

Now you want to put it all behind you. However, a single DUI can haunt you for years. Potential employers can find your DUI when they do background checks. So can potential lenders or landlords.

Tips for talking to your kids about the end of your relationship

You and your significant other have decided to end your relationship after a decade. Maybe you are married and planning a divorce. Maybe you never got married, but your cohabitation is simply coming to an end as you both move on with your lives.

Either way, what is important is not the end of that relationship, but your kids. You only care about your children and what this means for them. You know how difficult and jarring it can be. You know that they do not fully understand the complexities of adult relationships, and something like this is going to change their lives forever.

Former TV star says he can't pay overdue alimony

Most people who get behind on their spousal and child support don't serve jail time as a result. It's rarer still for someone to request time behind bars. However, that's just what John Schneider did. Schneider is best known as one of the stars of the popular television show "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Schneider's wife was awarded nearly $19,000 a month in alimony after the couple broke up in 2014 after more than two decades of marriage. She cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce filing.

The importance of the parenting calendar to your kids

If you're a divorced parent sharing custody of your kids, you know that your parenting schedule can change with the seasons, and maybe even more frequently. Moving to a summer schedule and then back to a school year schedule can be difficult for children -- particularly younger ones.

Children of divorced parents need as much consistency and predictability as possible. They want to know whose house they'll be in and who will be taking them to or picking them up from school and other activities. If their parents' breakup is still recent, they may have anxiety that their parents will forget about them.

Every parenting agreement needs a conflict resolution plan

Your parenting plan needs to include a way for you and your co-parent to resolve disputes. If you haven't agreed in advance to a methodology for conflict resolution, it could end up causing very big problems later on down the road. What kind of problems? Long, drawn-out and costly family law proceedings.

No matter how well you and our co-parent get along right now, there's probably a reason why the two of you are incompatible as romantic partners, and this incompatibility could rise up later in the form of a heated disagreement regarding how your child should be raised. To avoid the possibility of a stressful and expensive legal disagreement, parents can include the following provisions that pertain to conflict resolution within their parenting plans:

Establishing paternity for unmarried fathers in California

More couples than ever before are choosing to co-habitate and even have children without actually getting married. There are many reasons why people have started to shift their relationships in this way. Children from divorced homes grow up more skeptical about the institution of marriage. Other people may simply feel like it is unlikely for them to stay with the same person for their entire life.

If you have children with someone and you are not married, regardless of the reason why, when you split up you will have to think about how to secure your rights with the children. In the state of California, unmarried fathers have the right to establish paternity.

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