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Breaking the news: How to talk to your kids about divorce

Divorce is a very difficult thing to face. Not only do you have to deal with ending your marriage, but you have to make certain decisions, such as whether to keep or sell your home in Arcadia. Another hard part of the process is telling your children that you and their father have decided to split up.

Having the divorce conversation with your children is, more than likely, something you do not want to do. Furthermore, you might not even be sure how to do it. For some tips on how to break the news to your school-age children, read further.

Mozilla versus Yahoo in multi-million-dollar legal fight

Parties in civil litigation in California may face enormous, even multi-million-dollar consequences. Earlier this month, Mozilla filed a lawsuit against Yahoo alleging breach of contract over a 2014 deal. Mozilla filed this countersuit after being sued by Yahoo and is seeking hundreds of million dollars in this action.

The lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County, stems from a deal in which Yahoo agreed to pay Mozilla to provide searches within its Firefox Web browser. After Verizon acquired Yahoo's websites this summer, Mozilla terminated this agreement and made Google its default search engine. In November, Mozilla launched a new version of its web browser and said that Google was its default search provider in North America.

Nondisclosure agreements questioned in harassment cases

Women alleging sexual misconduct by powerful and well-known celebrities, such as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer, face many risks. Strictly speaking, they may also face the risk of a civil lawsuit by breaking nondisclosure agreements. However, the risk of a breach of contract lawsuit in these cases have decreased.

Nondisclosure agreements purchase silence as part of the financial settlement of harassment or sexual misconduct allegations, or may be contained in employment contracts. These agreements are often executed before a lawsuit is filed or before a case goes to trial. Confidentiality agreements sometimes require accusers to destroy evidence concerning the allegations, such as emails.

Navigating child custody issues in California

When couples separate and move apart before divorce, couples must overcome many questions and confusion over interim child custody. Although they may choose equal custody rights, spouses can do unwise things that can have negative circumstances and backfire on them later when a judge rules on a child custody dispute.

Engaging in self-help by taking unilateral actions and disregarding the other parent's wishes can lead to these problems. Taking the children during unannounced visits is untenable and harmful to the children. In fact, the best interests of the child have priority over either parents' needs. Children may have attachments to their current homes and friends, which should be considered in custody and visitation matters.

Guidance counselor sues school over wife's pregnancy

Employees have undertaken civil litigation when their employers have penalized them over their pregnancies and other family matters. In an unusual case, however, a school guidance counselor filed a wrongful termination lawsuit earlier this month and claimed that his school district fired him because his wife gave birth to twins.

The plaintiff claimed that the Atascadero School District hired him as a counselor under a one-year contract in August of 2015. It also gave him the possibility of contract renewal. The counselor learned that his wife was pregnant in September of 2015 and told one of his co-workers in November. The colleague then informed the vice principal who was the plaintiff's supervisor.

Divorce has financial aftershocks

Divorce poses many problems that require consideration of finances and California's family law. This is particularly true for older couples, especially those over 50-years old whose rate of divorce has doubled since the 1990s.

One reality of marriage is, despite the long-standing advice of experts, that one spouse controls family finances. This can create difficulties for the other spouse during the end of a marriage. Spouses should begin to gather information on finances when divorce is imminent.

Why you should mediate your child custody lawsuit

When two divorcing parents get into an argument about child custody, they tend to form strong opinions. These opinions -- inspired by the intense love a parent has for his or her children -- can be firm and unyielding.

The worst part of this is, it can be damaging for children when their parents get into such a heated debate. Fortunately, there may be a way to peacefully resolve these kinds of custody disputes through child custody mediation.

What is a prenuptial agreement?

Engaged couples should consider the unpleasant and unromantic but prudent step of entering a contract before marriage that will govern property division and resolve other legal and financial issues if they ever divorce. California family law governs these prenuptial agreements.

Prenuptial agreements govern how marital property and debts are divided if there is a divorce. These usually address assets that each party brings into the marriage, which usually remain with the original owner, and those acquired during marriage. Additionally, a prenup can address debt that is accrued, such as college loans, and whether it will be divided between the spouses.

Wrongful termination filed against NBC Universal

Inappropriate touching, rude comments and other types of sexual harassment can lead to additional legal issues at the workplace such as wrongful termination. A former NBC Universal employee in Los Angeles filed a wrongful termination civil action in Sept. against her former employer and claimed that it created a hostile work environment by not fully investigating sexual harassment charges.

The suit was filed in a California state court. However, the media conglomerate is vigorously defending the action and had it removed to federal court.

How do prenups work in California?

Discussions on prenuptial agreements are probably an unromantic and skeptical part of a couple's engagement. However, these agreements can help avoid disputes if they ever divorce and even allow couples to learn about the value of their property.

California law governs prenups and refers to them as premarital agreements. Engaged couples makes these agreements which take effect when they become married.