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What can you expect from a personal injury claim?

Injuries happen due to many causes, from someone running a red light and hitting you in their vehicle to a driver not paying attention and hitting you in a crosswalk. One thing is true of all injuries that are caused by others, though: As a victim, you can likely seek compensation for what you've been put through. That compensation can be used to cover many different expenses and damages. These include:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Personal property damage

On top of these losses, you might also have costs associated with traveling for care or because you have to make changes to your home to accommodate physical limitations that your injuries have caused.

Get help while you go through a divorce

You may think that you can handle a divorce on your own, especially when you don't have children or many assets. Still, it is a good idea to work with an attorney so that you have all the information you need on applicable California laws.

Did you know that everything you and your spouse bought during your marriage, under state law, is split equally upon divorce? Since California is a community property state, you need to be prepared to split your assets 50-50 if they're defined as marital property.

How do you make a great parenting plan?

Child custody is an important part of your divorce. While it's essential to get the right custody plan in place, what's almost as essential is getting a parenting plan together that you're both happy with.

Parenting plans differ from custody because they guide what you can or cannot do when your child is in your custody. The plans talk about what you expect and what your responsibilities are. For example, you might list off which religion your child will be practicing and where, the kinds of activities your child can or cannot do and what you expect to happen if your child is sick or injured.

Your parenting plan can help prevent serious disputes later on

You've gone through most of your divorce, but one thing you're having trouble putting together is your parenting plan. You and your spouse have different religions, different parenting styles, different preferences for whom your child can be around and so much more. In fact, there are more differences in your parenting preferences than similarities.

It's complicated to build a parenting plan with another person who has a completely different parenting goal. However, you and your spouse will find that it's much easier to work together after your divorce if you can come to an agreement on how to raise your child.

Can you defend against drunk or drugged driving charges?

DUIs and drug crimes can sometimes occur together. For example, someone who is driving while intoxicated may have mixed Ecstasy with their drink, or someone could have smoked marijuana before taking a shot of alcohol. This is a bad idea, of course, because combining drugs and alcohol can increase the effects.

People who use drugs and alcohol together may be at a higher risk of causing a crash or violating traffic laws, resulting in a stop by the police. Then, in those cases, even if they don't test over .08% for alcohol, they could face a DUI or DUID for using drugs combined with alcohol as a secondary substance.

Know your rights if you suffer from a personal injury

Personal injuries happen in an instant but can result in damage that will last for a lifetime. Serious injuries, like spinal cord injuries, have the potential to cause permanent damage that patients cannot recover from. In some cases, the initial injury is only the start of the damage to the body, with secondary conditions developing as a result of inflammation and complications.

When you suffer an injury, the first thing you should think of is getting help. Some people put off seeking medical care due to the expense or because they think that they are less injured than they actually are. The truth of the matter is that seeking help sooner is better -- since doing so helps your medical team treat inflammation and secondary conditions as they arise. That gives you a better chance of recovery.

What's the purpose of a parenting plan?

Parenting plans are very important when you're going to live apart from your child and have to work together with an ex-spouse to raise your child according to both of your preferences. A parenting plan helps guide you on how to handle various situations involving your child's care so that you both respect each other's own wishes.

A parenting plan is great for parents because it gives them time to sit down together and talk about how they want to raise their child. It may address things such as:

  • Religious upbringing
  • Schooling
  • Medical care and needs
  • Holiday or custody arrangements
  • Time-sharing schedules

Don't let a DUI derail your divorce

A DUI in California has the potential to significantly impact your future. If you're going through a divorce and have children, your reputation as a good parent could come under fire. If you had children in your vehicle at the time, you may significantly hurt your case for custody.

Even if you don't have your children with you at the time of a DUI, it shows that you didn't follow the laws and that you made a fairly major mistake that put your life and others' lives in danger. Additionally, the DUI itself is expensive and could threaten your job, which doesn't look good to the court.

Facing the reality of co-parenting with your ex with dignity

Sometimes, the hardest part of divorce is dealing with your ex afterward. For couples with children, it is almost impossible to secure a total and clean break. Unless one spouse waives their parental rights or has such as problematic history that they don't receive visitation or custody, both spouses will likely be part of the parenting plan for the children.

It can be very difficult to reconcile yourself with the fact that you have to have an ongoing parenting relationship with your former spouse. However, it benefits you and your children to approach this unsavory fact of divorce with dignity and patience.

Suing for emotional distress is possible with an attorney's help

While many people don't believe it's possible, you can actually sue for another person hurting your emotional state. Through civil litigation, it's possible to seek compensation for the intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED.)

It isn't always simple to prove IIED, so you'll need to work with someone familiar with suing for emotional distress. Some of the things that you and your attorney will need to prove include that:

  • The defendant was acting recklessly or intentionally to cause the distress
  • The conduct was outrageous or extreme
  • The act was the reason for your emotional distress
  • You suffer from severe emotional distress as a result of the actions of the defendant
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