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Do you know how your property will be divided during divorce?

A couple can accumulate a lot of possessions over the course of a marriage. In addition to the items that they own when they are single they will also likely purchase and acquire other tangible assets and liquid investments as a united pair. Depending upon how it structures the ownership of its property a Los Angeles couple may endure a difficult property division in the event that the partners choose to divorce.

How money may impact women more during a custody battle

For men and women in their 30s who have decided to get divorced, child custody battles can become the focal point of that split. The kids are still in school, they live at home, and they still need substantial care. You're typically not talking about caring for a 17-year-old for a year before he or she goes to college. You may have kids who are just starting school or who were just born. You're talking about their entire future as children.