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Make informed decisions when pursuing your divorce

A divorce is a legal process that breaks the union between two people joined in marriage. Even though the process is a technical one, it is often fraught with overwhelming emotions and difficult choices. Los Angeles residents who are contemplating divorce can have a lot of questions about how their lives will look once the ends of their marriages arrive.

Your social media post can affect your divorce

You and your wife have decided to divorce. For the last several months, you have been living in a temporary apartment large enough for your two kids to stay with you on the weekends. Even though you and your future ex agreed that divorce was best for the both of you, your relationship is still extremely strained.

Civil litigation as a means to resolving a contract dispute

Californians enter into contracts each and every day. They may open new credit cards and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the lenders. They may sign their children up for day care and agree to the payment and scheduling terms of the providers. They may start new jobs and agree not to use any of their new employers' business secrets in ways that would damage the employers' profits and growth. Put simply, contracts govern many of the relationships that individuals make with others who offer goods and services.

How is spousal support determined in California?

Spousal support is a significant concern for many divorcing spouses. Couples who are divorcing in California may wonder how spousal support is determined. Spousal support can be ordered on a temporary or permanent, and long-term, basis so it is helpful to understand when it is awarded and how it is determined. There are a variety of factors the family law court typically looks at to determine spousal support.

Helping Los Angeles residents in foreclosure

Very few people, whether they are homeowners or the owners of a commercial building, want to face the prospect of forfeiting their property in the foreclosure process. Nevertheless, residents of Los Angeles all too often do run in to financial problems, like unexpected medical expenses, a job loss or a slowdown in one's business, that make foreclosure a real prospect.

Helping you through property division disputes

Whether initiating a divorce was an easy decision or not, the process of going through divorce is often complex. Even more so, the needs and wants of each spouse can add emotions and disputes to the situation. Property division is often one of the more contentious issues faced by divorcing spouses. It is likely that both spouses are fighting over the same asset or property, and without a prenup or postnup in hand; it can be challenge to navigate the asset distribution process.

On what grounds may I base my California divorce?

Marriage creates a legal bond between two people who otherwise do not share a familial connection. In California and other jurisdictions throughout the country, marriage allows individuals to enjoy certain rights that include but are not limited to sharing in property rights between partners, having rights to certain tax benefits, and establishing inheritance rights when the partners pass away. Because marriage creates so many opportunities for individuals to intertwine their legal rights and lives together, the state takes a serious interest in the process of bring a marriage to its end.

Fraudulent misrepresentation may lead to civil litigation

In order for a Los Angeles resident to forge a contract several elements must exist to make the agreement valid. Generally, a contract must include an offer by one party to do something for or provide some good to the other party. In exchange for those goods or services, the accepting party must offer some consideration, such as payment or return performance of a service. An offer, its acceptance, and the exchange of consideration are all basic elements of an enforceable agreement.

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