Helping you through property division disputes

Whether initiating a divorce was an easy decision or not, the process of going through divorce is often complex. Even more so, the needs and wants of each spouse can add emotions and disputes to the situation. Property division is often one of the more contentious issues faced by divorcing spouses. It is likely that both spouses are fighting over the same asset or property, and without a prenup or postnup in hand; it can be challenge to navigate the asset distribution process.

At the Law Offices of Sina Mohajer, our experienced legal team understands the many disputes that can arise during property division. Thus, we are devoted to helping Los Angeles spouses through this dissolution problem, helping them reach an amicable agreement.

Unlike most states, California is a community property state. This is different that equitable distribution, which is followed in all but nine states. In a community property state, the assets and property accrued by either spouse during the marriage belongs equally to both spouses. Therefore, when they divorce, these assets and property will be divided equally during divorce.

There are some exceptions to community property designation, and our experienced attorneys have helped our clients successfully claim ownership of these assets. These include any gifts giving to only one spouse, any inheritance that was specifically left to one spouse, any property acquired prior to the marriage, any property or assets acquired by one spouse follow separation or any property designated as separate in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

To learn more, check out our property division website. Divorces can be messy but spouses can take steps to reduce the disputes involved in the process. Those dealing with divorce issues related to property division should take the time to fully understand their options and rights in the matter.

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