Make informed decisions when pursuing your divorce

A divorce is a legal process that breaks the union between two people joined in marriage. Even though the process is a technical one, it is often fraught with overwhelming emotions and difficult choices. Los Angeles residents who are contemplating divorce can have a lot of questions about how their lives will look once the ends of their marriages arrive.

A post-divorce life can mean one with less time with one's children. During divorce proceedings a couple ending its marriage must either create a child custody plan that its divorce court approves or avail itself to the court's discretion in establishing a custody arrangement that serves the child's best interests. A parent who once had daily contact with his child may suddenly only have visitation time with his offspring.

After a divorce, a person may see his assets depleted. Community property, or that property married people share as co-owners, is often divided between the parties and what they once enjoyed together can be reduced through sales or retitling. A party may be subject to paying her ex alimony from her income, and any parent who does not have physical custody of his child may also be required to pay child support from the money that he earns.

With so many changes that occur during a divorce, undertaking the process can be both intimidating and overwhelming. The Law Office of Sina Mohajer offers clients a safe environment where they may ask questions, seek answers, and prepare for the unique and specific issues relevant to their divorces. Different divorces require different plans, and attorney Sina Mohajer is available to meet with new clients to discuss how the divorce process may work for them.

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