Abuse allegations plague celebrity couple's child custody dispute

Actress Paula Patton and musician Robin Thicke enjoyed a long relationship prior to their marriage and the birth of their son. Unfortunately, like many other Los Angeles couples, they were not able to make their relationship work and eventually filed for divorce in 2014. They were granted a divorce in 2015 but even now nearly two years later the alleged issues of their marriage are impacting their ability to find a child custody arrangement that serves the best interests of their child.

Each has made serious allegations against the other that suggest that they or their child could be in danger when in the in the presence of each other. For example, Patton has alleged that Thicke physically abused her during their marriage and that he was both unfaithful and suffered from a substance abuse problem during that time. Thicke has counted to allege that Patton is manipulative and is attempting to use their son as a tool in causing Thicke difficulties.

At present Thicke is only allowed supervised visitation with the couple's son but after weeks of confrontation the couple has yet to come to an arrangement that serves their son's needs. Readers of this post may relate to the struggles of this celebrity couple even if the particular issues plaguing their situation are not the same; child custody battles can become contentious when former partners cannot find common ground regarding their kids.

Readers who are struggling with their own family law challenges, particularly those related to child custody and visitation, are encouraged to speak with their legal representatives. Modifications and new custody orders may be possible if the facts of a specific case warrant such changes in the custody of a child.

Source: usatoday.com, "Judge OKs restraining order against Robin Thicke after Patton alleges abuse," Jan. 26, 2017

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