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What different types of foreclosures are possible in California?

California residents will likely be intimidated by the sheer mentioning of the word "foreclosure" as it is frequently associated with losing one's home and being left with nothing. However, there are different types of foreclosure and a variety of protective strategies that a person can use to defend him or herself against it. Understanding foreclosure is imperative to dealing with it. There are two kinds of foreclosure in the state. They are non-judicial and judicial.

Domestic abuse and divorce are a mix that require an attorney

In some situations, divorce can be handled without attorneys by individuals who agree on all the terms of their divorce ahead of time. In others, former spouses and their attorneys can work with a neutral third party as a mediator to arrive at a mutually beneficial series of compromises during divorce.

What does the law say about grandparents' rights to visitation?

In Los Angeles, there are certain situations in which the grandparents of the child would like to have visitation rights with a grandchild. The law has basic criteria as to when this can be requested and granted. Understanding when this can be done is integral to the grandparents' rights to see the child.

How is spousal support determined in California?

When a couple parts ways in Los Angeles, spousal support is an issue that will frequently be in dispute. This can be linked to who pays, how much is paid, and the duration as well as other concerns. California law has certain criteria for these family legal issues. It is important for both parties to understand how the determination regarding spousal support is made. This is true for domestic partners and any other type of union.

Former ESPN broadcaster files wrongful termination lawsuit

Losing a job in Los Angeles and across the country can be a difficult situation to deal with in a financial, personal and emotional sense. This is especially true when it was thought to be a wrongful termination. Those who believe they have lost their job and perhaps their reputation through a breach of contract or other illegal act on the part of their employer need to understand that they have the right to be compensated through civil litigation. These cases are more difficult when they are of the high-profile variety as an ongoing case shows.