Former ESPN broadcaster files wrongful termination lawsuit

Losing a job in Los Angeles and across the country can be a difficult situation to deal with in a financial, personal and emotional sense. This is especially true when it was thought to be a wrongful termination. Those who believe they have lost their job and perhaps their reputation through a breach of contract or other illegal act on the part of their employer need to understand that they have the right to be compensated through civil litigation. These cases are more difficult when they are of the high-profile variety as an ongoing case shows.

A former tennis commentator for ESPN has filed a claim against the network for wrongful termination after he was accused of making a racial slur during a match. The commentator, Doug Adler, made a statement that he alleges was misconstrued as one with racial connotations during a match in which African-American Venus Williams was a participant. Mr. Adler used the term "guerilla" and it was taken by many people on social media as referring to a gorilla. It was viewed a racially insensitive remark. The network forced him to apologize and he did so reluctantly, asserting he had done nothing wrong. After the apology, ESPN fired him.

Mr. Adler states that his reputation was damaged and that ESPN fired him for no reason other than that they did not want to deal with the backlash of retaining and defending him amid the social media outrage. The case took a different turn when, several weeks after the news of him having filed the lawsuit in his home city of Los Angeles, he suffered a heart attack. He believes that the emotional stress from the dismissal and accusations were the cause of the health issue.

Not all cases involving allegations of wrongful termination are high-profile as the case involving Mr. Adler and ESPN. There could be a disparity in what the plaintiff says and what the defendant says. Certain underlying issues could be a factor in the case. Considering the problems that can accompany anyone being fired from a job when they believe they did not deserve to be, it is imperative to have legal help to consider a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Source: ocregister.com, "Tennis commentator Doug Adler sues ESPN after 'guerrilla effect' comment during Venus Williams match ledto his firing," Ryan Kartje, Feb. 14, 2017

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