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Factors that could show wrongful termination in California

Los Angeles workers are often concerned about the possibility of losing their jobs. This can happen in any endeavor for a multitude of reasons. Some of those reasons are justified, but often the dismissal is not done according to the law and there is the basis for a wrongful termination lawsuit. There are certain tips that are given to employers when they are firing an employee. These tips may be of interest to employers and employees alike.

The end of a marriage via annulment has a statute of limitations

For a variety of reasons, some California couples would prefer an annulment rather than a conventional divorce. This could be due to religious requirements or for another personal reason. An annulment differs from a regular divorce, and there are certain divorce legal issues that should be understood when seeking an annulment. One is the statute of limitations. In general, once the time runs out for a person to get an annulment, it cannot be done. The amount of time a person gets to file for an annulment varies based on the reason for the annulment.

Marine veteran alleges wrongful termination from MLB team

All employees in Los Angeles and across California have certain rights at their jobs. When a person is terminated, it must be done according to the law. If there is a violation of employment law, the person who was subjected to wrongful termination has the right to seek compensation through civil litigation. No one is immune to being dismissed from a job and it can happen in what most would consider a dream job.

Are you going to be a single parent in California?

The idea that you will only spend part-time with your children in the future is one of the most difficult parts of divorce for most California parents. For this reason, some parents will try to fight for sole custody in court. In fact, they may fight so tenaciously that the issue turns into a long and expensive custody battle.

Divorce and the kinds of property division in California

Los Angeles couples who are in the process of ending a marriage will have numerous issues that must be settled. One that is frequently a cause for dispute is how property will be split. Knowing the difference between marital property and non-marital property is one of the most important factors in the satisfactory resolution of a case. This is true whether there are substantial assets worth a great deal or merely items with high sentimental value. Understanding the law regarding property and how it is divided is imperative.

Can income be withheld for child support in California?

When parents are ordered to pay child support in California, it must be adhered to under the law. If it is not, there are alternatives that the state can use to collect. This includes withholding income, also known as a wage assignment. With a wage assignment, the employer of the supporting parent will be required to deduct money from the paycheck to make the payments. This will be based on the most recent court order, but it can rise if the amount owed rises.