How a prenuptial agreement can help a couple

Many Americans, especially those from Los Angeles, California, know that many marriages end up in divorce. Follow the news, and you'll see that it is common throughout the country, especially for celebrities, many of whom have substantial assets.

This is why throughout the United States, more and more people nearing marriage are considering prenuptial agreements, often called prenups. This is a written document designed to lay out many of the decisions that are to be made not only during the course of a marriage, but in the event of a divorce as well.

We all know that a divorce can get ugly. It is not uncommon for emotion to run high, and it is often difficult for someone to maintain their sanity and think and act in a reasonable or rational manner. Acting on emotion can be dangerous though. Often the obvious is overlooked and if decisions are made while emotions are running high, a person might regret what was said or done.

A prenuptial agreement is designed to help a couple nearing marriage to lay out each other's wishes and expectations both during a marriage and in case of a divorce. It allows each side to open up with their own opinion and beliefs, and for each side to have a firm expectation. More important, a written document with each side's wishes on paper could help avoid potential conflicts later.

It may seem like an uncomfortable situation to bring up with your soon-to-be future spouse, but as we have shown there are many benefits to a prenuptial agreement that can be applied to not just a time of divorce, but during a healthy marriage as well. It is a discussion that you should at the very least consider.

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