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Tips to help college students avoid drinking to excess

Whether your son or daughter started college this fall, is living in a fraternity or sorority this year or turned 21 over the summer, you're likely nervous about how much drinking they'll be doing at school.

Young people aren't masters of moderation. They might intend to have just a drink or two at a party. However, with some peer pressure, that can turn into a night of binge drinking. That's not healthy under any circumstances. However, if your child gets behind the wheel, they're endangering their life and those of others on the road. Even if no one gets hurt, if they're arrested for drunk driving, they could be risking their college education and future career prospects.

While you might not want to talk to your college student about drinking, particularly if they're underage, there are some important tips you can share with them stay safe if they're going to be drinking.

Don't drink on an empty stomach

If you're going to a party or a bar, have dinner first. Snacking while drinking can also help minimize the impact of the alcohol. So can alternating drinks of alcohol with water or juice.

Be careful with unfamiliar drinks

If the hosts are serving their own concoctions or even something you just haven't had before, take some time after one drink before you have another to see how it impacts you.

Don't mix drugs and alcohol

Even the combination of over-the-counter medication with alcohol can have a big impact. Some drugs, when mixed with alcohol, can be deadly.

Keep an eye on your drink

It's too easy for people to slip extra alcohol or even drugs into an unattended drink. Your drink should stay in your hand. Don't set it on a table or hand it to someone you don't know while you use the restroom or dance.

Stay out of the water

If the party is near a pool or your friends decide to head to the beach, don't go in the water. Some 70 percent of fatal drowning accidents involve alcohol.

Of course, it's essential to tell your kids not to get behind the wheel after drinking any amount of alcohol or ride with someone who has. There are plenty of options for safe rides. If your child is arrested for DUI, don't let them deal with the justice system without experienced legal guidance.

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