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Even the wealthy can see money issues lead to divorce

You have probably heard that money issues sit at the root of a lot of divorce cases. However, maybe you think the issue is always a lack of money and financial assets. A man with an addiction problem leaves his family with nothing. A woman who is a sole breadwinner and loses her job finds her family breaking up under the stress. A couple that can't make ends meet has to end their marriage.

Be cognizant of your parenting style after divorce

It's only natural that divorce will impact your parenting style. For one thing, even if you and your ex or soon-to-be ex are co-parenting, you're doing it in two households. If you relied on your spouse to be the "bad cop" to your "good cop" (or vice-versa), you can no longer do that. You need to have a more balanced parenting style.

Is bird-nesting a viable custody strategy?

You know that you're not going to feel happy about any child custody strategy when you and your spouse split up. Even if you feel good about splitting your time with the children -- you know it is important for them to see both parents -- you can't change the fact that they face a lot of turmoil. They have to move to two new houses, jumping back and forth between them. They may lose their friends, neighbors and even schools. It's certainly not ideal.

New law provides guidance regarding pets in California divorces

We Californians pride ourselves in being ahead of other states in many areas. However, one of those hasn't been the way that pets are viewed under the law in a divorce. That has changed thanks to legislation that Gov. Jerry Brown just signed into law. Illinois and Alaska have similar laws on the books already.

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