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How to know if you're being victimized by domestic violence

Domestic violence continues to run rampant throughout society. Chances are, you know someone who is currently suffering from some kind of domestic abuse, but they are so skilled at hiding it that you're none the wiser. It's even possible that you, yourself, are a victim of domestic violence, but you're in denial.

Breaking the news: How to talk to your kids about divorce

Divorce is a very difficult thing to face. Not only do you have to deal with ending your marriage, but you have to make certain decisions, such as whether to keep or sell your home in Arcadia. Another hard part of the process is telling your children that you and their father have decided to split up.

Be clear about these health care issues in your parenting plan

Every California parent needs to ensure that his or her child has appropriate health coverage. This way, in the event of a health problem, the child can receive the medical care he or she requires to heal. For this reason, you will want to address several important points related to health care in your parenting plan.

Are you going to be a single parent in California?

The idea that you will only spend part-time with your children in the future is one of the most difficult parts of divorce for most California parents. For this reason, some parents will try to fight for sole custody in court. In fact, they may fight so tenaciously that the issue turns into a long and expensive custody battle.

Are you worried about what to include in your parenting plan?

If you're like most divorcing parents in Arcadia, you're probably facing a lot of emotional stress relating to your breakup. Like most parents, though, you're probably also willing to work with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to organize the details related to child custody.