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Basketball coach receives $4 million termination settlement

Employers, even universities, can be held liable in a wrongful termination case by creating a pretext for firing an employee. Earlier this month, former San Diego State University women's basketball coach Beth Burns settled civil litigation for $4 million.

California laws protected against foreclosure

California homeowners have oftentimes faced the frightening risk of civil litigation that could take their homes, especially during the mortgage crisis 10 years ago. However, California law provided essential protections against mortgage foreclosure that were unavailable elsewhere.

"Bro culture" cited in Google termination lawsuit

At times, civil litigation may reflect ongoing social issues, such as the sexual harassment exposed by the "Me Too" movement. For example, a wrongful termination lawsuit was recently filed in California against Google, charging that the company permitted a workplace culture that diminished women.

Conversion therapy may be labeled fraudulent

False and deceptive practices associated with mental health or medical care may have long-term and harmful consequences. The California legislature is considering a bill that provides another civil litigation tool for victims of this fraud. The bill treats practicing or advertising conversion therapy as consumer fraud under California's consumer protection laws and allow individuals to file a private lawsuit against practitioners.

Lawsuit involves retaliation and different accounts

Parties to civil litigation often present widely different versions of facts. A party cannot prevail in court unless compelling evidence is presented to a jury supporting their case. A recent Napa Valley wrongful termination lawsuit, for example, involves different accounts from the employee who filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the resort that fired him.

Lawsuit leads to government healthcare investigation

Sometimes, civil litigation may have serious and lasting consequences that go beyond finances or business. A breach of contract and bad faith lawsuit filed by a college student concerning his medical treatment against Aetna Insurance led to an investigation by California's insurance commissioner. The student claimed that Aetna denied coverage for infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin for the treatment of his immune disorder. Depositions during this lawsuit's discovery period instigated the commissioner's inquiry.

Microsoft ends forced arbitration requirements

Mandatory arbitration has been a major obstacle for pursuing sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and other civil litigation concerning employment. Microsoft took a step to remove this difficulty by removing forced arbitration clauses from its employment contracts last month.

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