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Planning a prenup

Engaged couples in California can avoid some dispute, if they ever divorce, by entering prenuptial agreements. While negotiating these agreements is not the most romantic part of an engagement, proper planning can help couples learn about their finances and lower the chances of conflict.

California attorneys can dispel common divorce myths

It is not so unusual for couples in California these days to seek a divorce, or to know someone who has done so. After all, the stigma surrounding divorce is eroding and many are seeing it as a better option than staying in an unhappy marriage. That being said, there are some myths surrounding divorce that deserve to be addressed.

What are the options to respond to a divorce petition?

In California, when a couple gets a divorce, it is often not a simple matter of both sides agreeing to part ways, filing the papers and moving on with their lives. There are times that there are issues in dispute and one spouse chooses to file so the other spouse must respond. This is a serving of a summons and petition. The spouse who has been served has several options in how to respond. Knowing these and which is the most appropriate can be integral to a proceeding and a successful outcome.

The end of a marriage via annulment has a statute of limitations

For a variety of reasons, some California couples would prefer an annulment rather than a conventional divorce. This could be due to religious requirements or for another personal reason. An annulment differs from a regular divorce, and there are certain divorce legal issues that should be understood when seeking an annulment. One is the statute of limitations. In general, once the time runs out for a person to get an annulment, it cannot be done. The amount of time a person gets to file for an annulment varies based on the reason for the annulment.

Domestic abuse and divorce are a mix that require an attorney

In some situations, divorce can be handled without attorneys by individuals who agree on all the terms of their divorce ahead of time. In others, former spouses and their attorneys can work with a neutral third party as a mediator to arrive at a mutually beneficial series of compromises during divorce.

Make informed decisions when pursuing your divorce

A divorce is a legal process that breaks the union between two people joined in marriage. Even though the process is a technical one, it is often fraught with overwhelming emotions and difficult choices. Los Angeles residents who are contemplating divorce can have a lot of questions about how their lives will look once the ends of their marriages arrive.

Your social media post can affect your divorce

You and your wife have decided to divorce. For the last several months, you have been living in a temporary apartment large enough for your two kids to stay with you on the weekends. Even though you and your future ex agreed that divorce was best for the both of you, your relationship is still extremely strained.

How is spousal support determined in California?

Spousal support is a significant concern for many divorcing spouses. Couples who are divorcing in California may wonder how spousal support is determined. Spousal support can be ordered on a temporary or permanent, and long-term, basis so it is helpful to understand when it is awarded and how it is determined. There are a variety of factors the family law court typically looks at to determine spousal support.