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Navigating child custody issues in California

When couples separate and move apart before divorce, couples must overcome many questions and confusion over interim child custody. Although they may choose equal custody rights, spouses can do unwise things that can have negative circumstances and backfire on them later when a judge rules on a child custody dispute.

Why courts focus on the best interests of the child

While going through a divorce with children involved from the marriage, many of the decisions made by the California courts will be made by one standard: "protecting the best interests of the children." So what is meant by this, and how do the courts take this consideration and apply it to their decisions regarding child custody and child support?

What options are available for visitation rights?

When a Los Angeles couple has a child and is no longer together, they will still have to have some level of interaction. The issue of visitation rights is often a difficult one to navigate. Because parenting time is so important to a child's development, it is essential to know the types of visitation orders available. The parent who does not have the child for the greater percentage of time will be granted visitation, which is alternatively referred to as a "time-share."

If my ex abuses our child, can I deny his visitation rights?

Trying to find a fair way to share parenting time can be exceptionally difficult. In many cases, parents are able to work together to create the best life for their child, putting aside their own preferences and weaknesses. However, some parents face the nightmare of what to do when their child's other parent is abusive to the child, or allows the child to live in an unsafe environment.

Abuse allegations plague celebrity couple's child custody dispute

Actress Paula Patton and musician Robin Thicke enjoyed a long relationship prior to their marriage and the birth of their son. Unfortunately, like many other Los Angeles couples, they were not able to make their relationship work and eventually filed for divorce in 2014. They were granted a divorce in 2015 but even now nearly two years later the alleged issues of their marriage are impacting their ability to find a child custody arrangement that serves the best interests of their child.

Your social media post can affect your divorce

You and your wife have decided to divorce. For the last several months, you have been living in a temporary apartment large enough for your two kids to stay with you on the weekends. Even though you and your future ex agreed that divorce was best for the both of you, your relationship is still extremely strained.

How money may impact women more during a custody battle

For men and women in their 30s who have decided to get divorced, child custody battles can become the focal point of that split. The kids are still in school, they live at home, and they still need substantial care. You're typically not talking about caring for a 17-year-old for a year before he or she goes to college. You may have kids who are just starting school or who were just born. You're talking about their entire future as children.

When parents aren't married, who gets custody?

Most child custody and visitation disagreements appear during proceedings, when two married parents are trying to organize what their parental responsibilities will look like following the dissolution of their marriage. However, child custody disputes are not only associated with divorce.

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