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What should you address in your parenting plan?

Parenting plans are an important part of making sure you and your ex-spouse can raise your child collaboratively, even though you're not living together. Parenting plans help keep routines, expectations and rules the same between homes. They help your child know what to expect no matter where they are.

What's the purpose of a parenting plan?

Parenting plans are very important when you're going to live apart from your child and have to work together with an ex-spouse to raise your child according to both of your preferences. A parenting plan helps guide you on how to handle various situations involving your child's care so that you both respect each other's own wishes.

Caring for a child with ongoing medical needs after divorce

If you're divorcing and you have a child with a medical condition that requires regular treatment, therapy and/or medication, it's essential for you and your co-parent to work to ensure that your child's care doesn't suffer as you share custody.

Keys to effectively negotiate your parenting plan

You and your co-parent have agreed to share custody of your children. Now you need to work out the specifics of your parenting plan. This can be a challenge -- particularly if the two of you still have some residual anger and distrust. However, a solid parenting plan will help you both be better parents -- which is what's in your children's best interests.

How to make it easier for children during transitions

One of the most difficult experiences for a child is being raised in two different homes after their parents separate or go through a divorce. There will be constant shuffling between the two homes, two sets of clothes, two sets of furniture, two bedrooms and sharing holidays with both parents. On top of all of this, the child will need to adjust to not seeing both parents every day. Here are some tips for making it easier for children during transitions.

Be cognizant of your parenting style after divorce

It's only natural that divorce will impact your parenting style. For one thing, even if you and your ex or soon-to-be ex are co-parenting, you're doing it in two households. If you relied on your spouse to be the "bad cop" to your "good cop" (or vice-versa), you can no longer do that. You need to have a more balanced parenting style.

The importance of the parenting calendar to your kids

If you're a divorced parent sharing custody of your kids, you know that your parenting schedule can change with the seasons, and maybe even more frequently. Moving to a summer schedule and then back to a school year schedule can be difficult for children -- particularly younger ones.

What should your parenting plan cover?

A thorough parenting plan can be a great tool as you and your soon-to-be ex move to parenting your children separately. A good parenting plan can help ensure that the two of you are on the same page regarding how your kids will be raised. It can also minimize conflicts and misunderstandings that are stressful on kids.

Determining child custody for unmarried California parents

When couples who have had one or more children together but never married split up, child custody needs to be determined just as it would for parents who are divorcing. Under California law, custody determinations are made using the same considerations whether the parents are married or unmarried.

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