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Ahe importance of your blood alcohol concentration

Drunk driving puts people's lives at risk, and for the most part, people know that it's dangerous. Despite that, someone dies in a drunk driving crash once every 48 minutes in the United States (based on 2017 statistics). That adds up to 10,874 deaths that could potentially have been avoided.

More people died, were arrested, on the weekend of the 4th

If you are facing a DUI or drug-related charge, your best option is to begin working with your defense attorney. Although it may seem like you can handle these charges on your own, the reality is that your attorney has much more experience and may be able to help you reduce or eliminate the charges completely.

Can you defend against drunk or drugged driving charges?

DUIs and drug crimes can sometimes occur together. For example, someone who is driving while intoxicated may have mixed Ecstasy with their drink, or someone could have smoked marijuana before taking a shot of alcohol. This is a bad idea, of course, because combining drugs and alcohol can increase the effects.

Don't let a DUI derail your divorce

A DUI in California has the potential to significantly impact your future. If you're going through a divorce and have children, your reputation as a good parent could come under fire. If you had children in your vehicle at the time, you may significantly hurt your case for custody.

California man arrested for DUI had car on 'Autopilot'

Cars that you can place in "Autopilot" mode to essentially drive themselves are now a reality. While they aren't common on California freeways just yet, you may have shared the road with one without realizing it. Tesla is one car manufacturer that makes vehicles with this feature.

Should you seek an expungement for your DUI?

A few years back you made a mistake. You drove after a few drinks. You got pulled over by police and failed the Breathalyzer test. Ultimately, you pleaded guilty to a DUI. You paid a fine, went to the required classes and maybe served a couple of days in jail. Finally, you completed your probation.

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