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Lawsuit involves retaliation and different accounts

Parties to civil litigation often present widely different versions of facts. A party cannot prevail in court unless compelling evidence is presented to a jury supporting their case. A recent Napa Valley wrongful termination lawsuit, for example, involves different accounts from the employee who filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the resort that fired him.

Lawsuit leads to government healthcare investigation

Sometimes, civil litigation may have serious and lasting consequences that go beyond finances or business. A breach of contract and bad faith lawsuit filed by a college student concerning his medical treatment against Aetna Insurance led to an investigation by California's insurance commissioner. The student claimed that Aetna denied coverage for infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin for the treatment of his immune disorder. Depositions during this lawsuit's discovery period instigated the commissioner's inquiry.

Microsoft ends forced arbitration requirements

Mandatory arbitration has been a major obstacle for pursuing sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and other civil litigation concerning employment. Microsoft took a step to remove this difficulty by removing forced arbitration clauses from its employment contracts last month.

Dealing with late mortgage payments

California homeowners can face serious consequences in civil litigation over late mortgage payments. Foreclosure can cause serious financial consequences. Mortgage payments are usually due on the first day of each month, but extensions can be granted until the fifteenth of the month before a late fee is charged. Late fees may be charged for each month a payment is missed or if a homeowner goes into default or is 30 days late.

Mozilla versus Yahoo in multi-million-dollar legal fight

Parties in civil litigation in California may face enormous, even multi-million-dollar consequences. Earlier this month, Mozilla filed a lawsuit against Yahoo alleging breach of contract over a 2014 deal. Mozilla filed this countersuit after being sued by Yahoo and is seeking hundreds of million dollars in this action.

Nondisclosure agreements questioned in harassment cases

Women alleging sexual misconduct by powerful and well-known celebrities, such as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer, face many risks. Strictly speaking, they may also face the risk of a civil lawsuit by breaking nondisclosure agreements. However, the risk of a breach of contract lawsuit in these cases have decreased.

Guidance counselor sues school over wife's pregnancy

Employees have undertaken civil litigation when their employers have penalized them over their pregnancies and other family matters. In an unusual case, however, a school guidance counselor filed a wrongful termination lawsuit earlier this month and claimed that his school district fired him because his wife gave birth to twins.

Wrongful termination filed against NBC Universal

Inappropriate touching, rude comments and other types of sexual harassment can lead to additional legal issues at the workplace such as wrongful termination. A former NBC Universal employee in Los Angeles filed a wrongful termination civil action in Sept. against her former employer and claimed that it created a hostile work environment by not fully investigating sexual harassment charges.

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