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Factors that could show wrongful termination in California

Los Angeles workers are often concerned about the possibility of losing their jobs. This can happen in any endeavor for a multitude of reasons. Some of those reasons are justified, but often the dismissal is not done according to the law and there is the basis for a wrongful termination lawsuit. There are certain tips that are given to employers when they are firing an employee. These tips may be of interest to employers and employees alike.

Marine veteran alleges wrongful termination from MLB team

All employees in Los Angeles and across California have certain rights at their jobs. When a person is terminated, it must be done according to the law. If there is a violation of employment law, the person who was subjected to wrongful termination has the right to seek compensation through civil litigation. No one is immune to being dismissed from a job and it can happen in what most would consider a dream job.

What different types of foreclosures are possible in California?

California residents will likely be intimidated by the sheer mentioning of the word "foreclosure" as it is frequently associated with losing one's home and being left with nothing. However, there are different types of foreclosure and a variety of protective strategies that a person can use to defend him or herself against it. Understanding foreclosure is imperative to dealing with it. There are two kinds of foreclosure in the state. They are non-judicial and judicial.

Former ESPN broadcaster files wrongful termination lawsuit

Losing a job in Los Angeles and across the country can be a difficult situation to deal with in a financial, personal and emotional sense. This is especially true when it was thought to be a wrongful termination. Those who believe they have lost their job and perhaps their reputation through a breach of contract or other illegal act on the part of their employer need to understand that they have the right to be compensated through civil litigation. These cases are more difficult when they are of the high-profile variety as an ongoing case shows.

A lawsuit can recover compensation after wrongful termination

It is not uncommon for Californians to change jobs throughout their lives. Some may decide to stay within their chosen industries and move to new employers while others may decide to start fresh with new careers in fields they have never before pursued. Still others may be forced to seek out new employment opportunities when they are let go from their jobs.

Civil litigation as a means to resolving a contract dispute

Californians enter into contracts each and every day. They may open new credit cards and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the lenders. They may sign their children up for day care and agree to the payment and scheduling terms of the providers. They may start new jobs and agree not to use any of their new employers' business secrets in ways that would damage the employers' profits and growth. Put simply, contracts govern many of the relationships that individuals make with others who offer goods and services.

Helping Los Angeles residents in foreclosure

Very few people, whether they are homeowners or the owners of a commercial building, want to face the prospect of forfeiting their property in the foreclosure process. Nevertheless, residents of Los Angeles all too often do run in to financial problems, like unexpected medical expenses, a job loss or a slowdown in one's business, that make foreclosure a real prospect.

Fraudulent misrepresentation may lead to civil litigation

In order for a Los Angeles resident to forge a contract several elements must exist to make the agreement valid. Generally, a contract must include an offer by one party to do something for or provide some good to the other party. In exchange for those goods or services, the accepting party must offer some consideration, such as payment or return performance of a service. An offer, its acceptance, and the exchange of consideration are all basic elements of an enforceable agreement.

How do I know if I've been wrongfully terminated?

Employees in the United States have rights and protections when it comes to their jobs. Although many jobs in the country do not have contractual agreements assuring employment, meaning an employer may terminate an employee at will, there are ways a termination may be deemed "wrongful."

How employees are protected by the California Family Rights Act

When a person receives the difficult news that either they or a family member has been diagnosed with a serious health condition, a litany of questions will inevitably run through their mind. In particular, they may wonder about how much time they can take off work and whether they can be fired for being gone for too long.

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